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blah, blah, blah, boring, blah blah weight loss blah blah financial AIDS blah blah hurdy gurdy goo

Whee, I dropped two pant sizes. The skinny jeans I bought in early December were so tight on me that I think it was Syl who asked me if they were leggings (granted they're supposed to fit that way according to the model but still). Wearing them today, I walked into PJ's and caught myself in the big mirror and not only are these things literally falling off of my ass and hanging below my hips, but they look baggy. Wowsers. They actually make me look bigger this way than they did when I was two sizes larger, which is a problem 'cause I can't buy clothes for a little while. Oh well.

Also, I bought a cheap sweater (11 bucks!) at Buffalo Exchange for motivation to wear after I lose a little more, and when I tried it on for funsies, it fit me. It's a little tight over the boobs, but that shit is a medium from American Eagle and it looks just fine on Tubby Mcgee over here. Goddamn little man. I'm not even doing anything except for the atrocious amount of walking required for my daily routine, and being poor helps too!

I was going to start my swim class this week but stupid crap kept happening at the appointed time, and I kept missing it. I'm having financial aid drama. Yesterday I sat in my dean's office for three hours editing this letter of appeal, and even though I've pretty much set up camp behind her desk over the past few days, neither of us can figure out why my scholarships were yanked. You have to have below a 2.0 to lose your shit and, excuse me, sir, but my GPA is a cumulative 3.3 so someone at Loyola is being a gigantic sunshine megadick.

Oh well, at least now I've got this incredible bomb-ass letter about how crappy my life was and how much better it is today. That'll come in handy come scholarship essay time!

I've got to go to work in a few minutes, but I just want to say a thing. Okay. I'm entering a writing competition (no expectations of winning, just for the experience at this point) and I'm doing a short story about Cary and his trip to Fantasy Island. It's been stunningly hard to write. Could one of you guys read/critique it for me? I've read and reread and reread it but I can't edit it objectively or nitpick because I get emotional every time. I'd really appreciate the help in lieu of the dead bee jar none of y'all bought me. :3

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