KAJA KAJA GOOOOOO (kajakajago) wrote,

"Steaming hot water of the bee" sounds like an ironic hipster book title.

Hi guys. I know my birthday was in December, but I need this please. Patrick is exempt from the obligation to buy me anything on account of the Betty White calendar, Smokey the Bear fun pack and assorted sundries, and Socrates bought me my favorite Betsey Johnson necklaces out of all of the Betsey Johnson necklaces I have so she's clear too, and Sam's cool since she got me that gigantic expensive box of awesome makeup that I plaster on like a trollop. The rest of you better get working at rebuilding our friendship through the means of bribery, though, and here's a good place to start: auction

It's only 15.00. I know that's the starting bid, but who the fuck else do you think is going to bid on this? Nobody but those who love me the very mostest, I hope :3*~

Steaming hot water of the bee.

Steaming hot water of the bee.

Steaming hot water of the bee.
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