KAJA KAJA GOOOOOO (kajakajago) wrote,

Yesssss I finally have THREE WHOLE DAYS off from work!!! Fuck yes!! After two weeks of pulling endless 10-14 hour shifts with a manager who actively wants me to die in a fire and customers straight out of the goopiest section of the gene pool, I have THREE WHOLE DAYS to myself! I can sleep in excess of 3 hours at a time, clean my house so that it doesn't look like a legion of angry badgers trumpeted through it and maybe even cook meals that don't consist of half a watermelon-flavored 40 and stale pizza!

...Except Lisa called me this morning and I'm pretty sure that I groggily agreed to come in to work today. I thought it was part of my dream, but I checked the incoming calls on my phone and...

god dammit.

Oh well. At least it's just a 5 and a half hour shift, right? And this is Tuesday in January, so it'll be slow as balls! Good deal. Trololololo, down to the Quarter we go.

Heeeeey, what are all of these red-shirted weirdos doing on Canal Street? Why is everyone wearing hoodies emblazoned with "ARKANSAS" on the front? Are the Saints playing Arkansas? I didn't know there was a game today--

Oh. Ugh, whatever. At least Mardi Gras is pretty late this year, so the crazy tourist season will be slowing down up until April for Carnival, and then after Mardi Gras it gets slow again til the fall. I can put up with one or two big events until then, no big deal! I've made it through Voodoo, Essence, Halloween, Jesusmas and New Years without stabbing anyone for loitering stupidly on the tiny sidewalks and refusing to move when I try to get past them on my walk to work. I haven't gone berserk and throttled any portly beaded visitors for asking me Fox News-approved Katrina questions, I haven't had any panic attacks from the claustrophobic effect of bloating the tiny French Quarter with 20,000+ visitors every weekend because tourists rarely seem to want to stay anywhere else in the city, I haven't flipped out and murdered anyone for getting pissy with me when I can't give them directions to "that hotel, the one with the roof, and it's small and the roof's like... brown, and it's got these big double doors"... what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. The slow season is coming. The reprieve will come.

Wait. What? Mardi Gras is early again this year? How early?

The... first week... of March? But that means... Carnival will be for almost the entire month of February...

Oh no. Not this. Not this shit again. Not the random bus outages. Not the 30 dollar fare to get to work. Not the drunk customers and rampant shoplifters. Not the Chick tracts left inconspicuously on the t-shirts. And the beads... so many beads...

No. Fuck. Ass. Expletives. I did my time, okay? I worked on Bourbon Street for a cumulative total of seven months. Seven months of this non-stop Mardi Gras mask-wearing hand grenade-drinking bead-hauling titty-flashing Eagles-covering bullshit, I did it. I earned my right to be a bitter local. I did it. And I can do it again, but I just need a little time, okay? Please?

I'm going to be working and going to school full time this go-around, and I just need to wind down a little, get comfortable with juggling two schedules during the slow season before... this happens.

I worked through the winter holidays this year, I need some time to recoup. I need... I need...

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