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J.D. sent me a lovely e-mail today. I was glad that it wasn't another racist forward, but rather a very interesting peek into the fabulously deep recesses of my father's mind.


Think back and reminise with me for a moment - where were you - and or - your head in 1969?

I was learning guitar with a bass player friend of mine Jeff Young. We smoked good pot then listened to and tried to figure out the notes and chords for the YES album starting with "Round About". They were an excellent group but hard to learn. Their lyrics we thought were deep because we couldn't understand what they were trying to say. Example " I see all good people turn their heads this way so sad to to say I am on my way " or something like that. Listening to all there songs lyrics they make little or no sense. YES examples:

"Look up look down look all around do you see what's going on for you see the sky and wonder why the stars shine like car wax on a bright day with the rain pouring down etc , etc,

I finally figured it out . 1. when your stoned ..and a kid ..everything sounds deep and heavy. 2.Their lyrics had little if any meaning .It was the music they wrote they wanted heard. They are today icons. Steve Howe amazing.

Dancing with the Stars.

I was on my second nap the other night during dinner time and heard through my snoring the newly appointed "Dancing with the Stars" selection on EXTRA TV show. Frig-gin' Michael Bolt-on. There's a name from obscurity. Must need to get the seniors buying more CD's.
Then there was Bristol Palin kind of a Jersey Snookie replacement and Erin Grey from Buck Rodgers or was that Jennifer Grey from Ferris Buellar , then David Hassolhoff.

Shit. Time for another nap.

Dick Mango


Dick Mango is his, um... alias. I've found that it's better not to ask sometimes. Anyway, getting e-mails like that from him always make my day because he's such a big silly man. "THEIR LYRICS MAKE MY BRAIN HURT!!! Also naps!!!! MICHAEL BOLTON!!!" I love you dadders.

And then, I got... this.

Dad... nooooo...

The Papyrus font, the "Obummer", the vague but venomously unclever message... I....

I am disappoint.

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