KAJA KAJA GOOOOOO (kajakajago) wrote,

Dear A,

I simply adore your blend of traditional Americana and French folk-art with the international appeal of indigenous art styles. I noticed some really great embroidered pillows that had been decorated in the tradition of the Australian Aborigines' ceremonial dot art, for example. Truly they spoke to the spicy blend of classic Bohemia and individual eclecticism that swirls inside of me, like so many hand-painted fruit bowls caught in a hurricane of educated appreciation. Because I am clearly the only person who attended the group interview with a taste for the more, shall we say, wordly forms of artistic influences permeating the atmosphere of this individual and unique retail establishment, I am also clearly the best person for the job. I eagerly await the opportunity to set up a third interview with you, and look forward to writing my name on the schedule. (My handwriting is brimming with the innocent swirls of childhood but still legible and finely-lined enough to whisper of maturity; I think you'll find it a good fit among the more sophisticated of your associates. I hope to one day shower you, the lively and bright-eyed staff of A, with many a nicely-written PostIt Note. Perhaps my note will alert you to the presence of a shifty customer; maybe it will serve in reminding you of the location of the safe's key, or maybe it will even dare to ask for a well-deserved discount on the sales merchandise - most of which, despite being on sale, is still somehow over $100. A testament to the quality, of course. Either way, my handwriting will be a joy to look at and to read, and it can only become a real presence in your store if you call me back.)


I'm not desperate for a job. I just really, really, really, really want to work for you in particular and quit my other job. Really really bad.

I really liked how your hiring manager described the store as a "grassroots corporation" while keeping a straight face. That's the spirit!

Okay, seriously? I know it's a little pretentious, but I would love to work at Anthropologie.
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